The SuperHeroes

On November 11th 2021 our small SuperHeroes were born. 

Nora gave birth to 8 females and 2 males within 5.5 hours. Unfortunately the last male was dead at birth.

They are all black with small white markings on the chest and a few white paws or toes. 

The proud parents are Noor Zhiva Von der Leibrücke (Nora) and FIGARO Konstelacja Małej Niedźwiedzicy (Hans).

Pedigree of the puppies on Pawpeds. 4.79% inbreeding over 5 generations.

With this combination I'm going for the old Barbet in both genetics, appearance, temperament and working skills.

This means a dog that loves to work, is relaxed, doesn't stress easily, is loving and affectionated towards his/her family and has a good, strong health.

All puppies are spoken for.

Our SuperHeroes

2 days old

Our SuperHeroes

1 year old

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