My name is Tanja Lørup and I live with my husband, daughter, four dogs and two horses in Gudbjerg on the island Fünen.

I work as a professional dog trainer and behavioral consultant at my own dogschool 'Et godt hundeliv'.

I have dedicated my life to our dogs and they live as an integrated part of our family.

I am the first breeder of Barbets in Denmark and I take that responsibility very serious.

I see myself as a passionated breeder and care deeply for the Barbet and every puppy I breed.

I use my extensive knowledge about behavior and genetics every time I plan and raise a litter. Health and character are important aspects in my breeding program. Every breeding should bring something positive to the breed. That is why I expect all new puppy families to x-ray their puppy's hips and elbows within the first two years to evaluate my breeding program.

The puppies are raised in the family and our whole family helps out with caring for and socializing the puppies.

I will be available to help and support puppy families for the dog's entire life. If needed I will also be willing to take back any puppy I have bred.


  • Certified Dog Trainer
  • Certified Dog Behavioral Consultant
  • Certified DKK breeder
  • Certified Cranio-Sacral Therapist for dogs
  • Author
  • Started my dogschool in 2012 and have coached more than 2000 dogowners the last 8 years.
  • Many seminars within canine behavior, training, anatomy, breeding, genetics and more.
  • And I keep seeking new knowledge