Breeding Plans 2023

Breeding Plans 2023

We plan to have our Nora (Noor Zhiva Von der Leibrücke) mated in Autumn 2023. 

We have decided for her to meet Moris Konstelacja Malej Niedzwiedzicy, a beautiful male from Poland. 

Moris comes from the wellknown kennel Konstelacja Małej Niedźwiedzicy.

He has an interesting pedigree that complements Nora's pedigree very well. We are looking to preserve the old bloodlines as well as possible. 

Furthermore he is a very kind dog with a well balanced mind and wonderful temperament. He is strong and healthy and has produced several litters with healthy offsprings.

Inbreeding for this combination will be 4,83 % over 5 generations (pedigree on Pawpeds)

I'm looking very much forward to see what Moris and Nora can accomplish together later in the year.

If everything goes to plan, the timetable will look like this:

  • Nora in heat: August/September 2023
  • Mating: September 2023
  • Puppies born: November 2023
  • Ready to go to new homes: January 2024

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please write me an e-mail describing yourself, your family and what you can offer a puppy to



Nora's data

Born 20.03.2018

F. Outdoors Je Suis Charlie

M. Zhiva Biscay's Fair Moonstone

Hips C/C

Elbows 0/0

Eyes clear

Pra-prcd carrier/DNA tests

Excellent in show

Moris' photo gallery

Moris' data

Born 18.12.2015

F.EDDIE BO da Capo

M.FRIDA Konstelacja Małej Niedźwiedzicy

Hips A/A

Elbows 0/0

Eyes clear

Pra-prcd free/DNA tests

Polish Youth Champion and Polish Champion

Moris og Frida
Moris 2023
Moris 2023
Moris 2023
Moris 2023